Welcome to Brightwaters Christian College; situated on the shores of Lake Macquarie with a drawing area including the Central Coast, Toronto and Cooranbong.

Here you will find information about our school and what is involved in our day to day activities and also exciting news regarding our future plans for the school.

Most importantly, you will find details on how to contact us. We would love to turn this online experience into a face-to-face contact and maybe even a friendship. So please do not hesitate to call us to arrange a visit or pop in and talk to our friendly staff.

We look forward to meeting you very soon!

School Community

It is a group of people joined together sharing a purpose with similar certain attitudes and interests in common Read more

annual Events

Our school year culminates with a whole school celebration of our students as they showcase their dramatic Read more

School bus

Travelling to Brightwaters can be stress-free! In addition to car and public bus travel, we have private buses Read more


Our students are incredibly expressive and are provided with many opportunities to demonstrate their creativity and Read more

Nature Play

Children who get to play outdoors get to learn in an environment which allows for curiosity, creativity Read more


Play Time is important to foster friendships and build relationships. When new photos are available during each term we will put a notification here and a link to the right page.


Take a look into our day to day life here at Brightwaters Christian College


About Christian Schooling

Providing an excellent education for our children is a seen as a priority for parents.  There are a wide variety of educational facilities within our community and choosing the one which best matches our needs can often be a daunting task. Choose well and our child is well supported, is educated to a standard which addresses their individual abilities as well as being cared for in the same manner we want to do as parents.

What makes a Christian School different? Why choose a Christian School community before others?

These two documents highlight what we see as our points of difference.

The teachers at Brightwaters Christian College identify your child’s educational needs and aim to equip your child as lifelong learners.

The team, including teaching staff and support staff, identify your child’s social, emotional and spiritual needs and, together with each family, build relationships which are supportive and focus on the lifelong wellbeing of your child.

Our standards aim to more than compliant. We refer to God’s Word in each decision made and action taken. We are accountable to God as a Christian staff, and we keep this at the forefront of our thinking as nurture and equip each precious child given into our care.

Your child is priceless to you and, when you ask us to partner with you in educating you child, we view that responsibility as a privilege and appreciate the trust you extend to us.

If you have any questions about Christian education, please call and ask to speak with our Principal, Mrs Tania Anway.

School Readiness Program

Preparing both you and your child,
for the important transition from
preschool to “BIG” School.


6.00pm - 8.00pm 6 Pulbah Street, Morisset, NSW 2264

Ocean Swimming

Bicycle Tour

Flowers and Pots