End of Year Celebration

Our school year culminates with a whole school celebration of our students as they showcase their dramatic, artistic and musical skills. Our school and local community join us in celebrating the efforts and achievements of each student.



What began as a learning time for students and their families has become an institution for our whole school. Each year we invite families to camp-in’ overnight on our beautiful school grounds and discover together skills which foster and build resilience. From setting up individual tents, cooking doughboys to parent sessions which highlight resilience skills, Camp- In’ has become one of those events which families and students highly anticipate.


VP (Vice Principal) Day

Our budding leaders and social campaigners are all given opportunity to hone their skills of speech writing and delivery. Campaigns are run which lead to a day of speech delivery, voting and the VP being elected.

The VP is given the task of organising and coordinating a day of their own choosing. History has seen VP’s organise dress up theme days, “super sub” lunches, outdoor activities, movie afternoons etc.

Leadership and organisational skills are encouraged and built upon throughout this process and the VP is often seen as a stepping stone for our students becoming young leaders as they enter High School.