Why should you send your children to Brightwaters Christian College? What is distinctive about our teaching and learning at Brightwaters?

We are building on our reputation within the community for being an extremely kind and caring community.

It begins with the fact that, as teachers and staff, we are all committed Christians who believe that our role is one of vocation rather than career and we seek ways to educate from a heart of service and calling to these children God has entrusted into our care.  We take that responsibility very seriously.

We get a number of children who come into our school who have had a history of bullying and torment in various systems; they feel defeated and unsure of who they are meant to be. We nurture them, we encourage and build into them the value they have as being precious and worthy then help them to excel. For those who start with us at the very beginning, each child is taught and shown how incredibly loved they are, by their families and us, as we teach and do life together.

All of our curriculum material is presented from a Biblical perspective.  Our students achieve the same NESA outcomes that all NSW primary school students achieve. Our standard is focussed on what is excellent as we equip each child to set their own goals for going beyond what they believe is possible.  As they progress through life, each of our children will have been prepared to never settle for the ordinary or just “ok”. Our students learn the required material from God’s point of view, as presented in the Bible, in a supportive environment which is conducive to their success.

Our mission is to develop the next generation who will find their own unique place in giving God glory for all He has done and will do in their lives.  This next generation will eventually become the pastors, doctors, teachers, scientists, innovators and business men and women of the future.

You will see and know the difference when you come and visit!

Please call one of our friendly office staff on (02) 49732591 for an individual, personalised visit now.