beautiful day to read outside togetherStudents join us with diverse academic abilities. Some are already achieving good grades, but many are struggling. Our focus on progress sees lower achieving students improve and good students become great. We are blessed with an experienced team of teachers who have a passion for children and a passion for teaching. 

While our experienced teaching team draws from a range of teaching practices to accommodate the students’ learning styles, each teacher is accountable for the progress of the students in their class. Students learn best when engaged in a supportive relationship with their teacher.

Our students are continually challenged but unconditionally loved. They have teachers who notice them, ask about their interests, listen to them, laugh with them and believe in them. Our students are well known, well loved and well taught by teachers who want the very best for them. Every student is a unique creation of a loving God who has a purpose for their lives.

Our teachers help students identify this purpose and realise their fullest potential.