Thank you for taking the time to have a look through our website and for considering our school for enrolment. We know that the task of selecting a school is very important and yet somewhat daunting as there are many elements to take into consideration. At Brightwaters Christian College we are very mindful of our responsibility towards both our families and our children.

As part of our enrolment process, we request that families provide a reference from the Minister of the church they are currently attending or a person who has known them for some time. Our school seeks to support families by giving children the kind of preparation for life which only Christian training can give. The whole curriculum is taught from a Godly perspective. We employ only dedicated Christian teachers who agree with the aims of the school, who present a living example and role model of how they believe Christ would have them live and who reinforce the influence and uphold the authority of the parents. It is for this reason that the parents of the children in our school must either hold to the same values and beliefs as those taught in the school or willingly support the teaching of our school.

Whilst we recognise that attending a church does not cause a person to be a Christian, we feel that being part of a church is a very important part of growing in the Christian faith. It is for this very reason that we encourage all of our parents to consider become involved in a local church of their choosing.

If you are not currently attending a church, the enrolment policy allows for parents or caregivers to apply for enrolment. There is a short interview where we seek to clarify questions and gain an insight into what expectations parents have for the school as well as how the school seeks to work in partnership with our families.

We would love to have the opportunity to take you on a tour of the school and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to book in for a tour, please contact the school office.

Please find our Application for Enrolment form in the next menu button titled “Documents and Forms”. Alternatively, click on this link to load the form in a new window.

Thank you again for considering our school for enrolment.

Tania Anway



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