Mission Statement

“We will tell the next generation … His power, and the wonders he has done.”  Psalm 78:4



We, the Board, staff, families and students are part of a larger community who work together to love, train and nurture our children as they grow up into Christ. Each student will be known and noticed and encouraged to view themselves as unique and valued individuals because they are precious to God. The community who surround their learning environment will allow their individual qualities and giftedness to be valued as they grow.



In partnership, we will educate our children, in those things which matter most, so they will be thoughtful, confident and articulate, able to listen and respond with clarity and compassion. They will be willing to take risks and show discernment as they learn from others



We will be leaders within an authentic, future focussed and innovative generation. We will remain mindful of generational needs. We will be focussed on generational change while equipping and enabling each individual who comes into contact with our school community, that they may pass on the knowledge, skills, beliefs and love they have experienced through hands-on experience to others.



All we say, do, teach and learn will seek to reveal God’s wonders and give God glory and honour. We will be the story tellers, and the memory keepers of times past, as we look to the future.



We will gain true wisdom by experiencing Biblical truths and discovering God’s will and plan for each child.

Brightwaters Christian College strives to be an authentic learning community of discerning, thoughtful, confident, articulate individuals, who are being equipped and enabled to be future focussed and innovative leaders, giving God glory as they discover God’s will and plan for each of their lives.