Brightwaters Pre-K School Readiness Program

BCC Pre-K School Readiness Program is designed to complement your child’s current prior-to-school learning.

Our program uses small steps to introduce your child to the routine of big school in a gentle, caring way. On each visit, your child will become part of the class group & participate in the varying facets of school life.

Speak with Michelle to arrange a 1:1 tour of our school to see the wonderful educational opportunities awaiting your child here on the Morisset peninsula.

The School Readiness Program will:

  • Allow your child to have time to be BIG SCHOOL ready.
  • Be age appropriate. Learning will be made in small steps, and nurture development.
  • Identify your child’s learning strengths or areas where they need support
  • Focus on the important gross motor and development of fine motor skills so vital in all areas of learning.

Your child will gradually develop BIG SCHOOL specific skills including:

  • Meeting and building friendships. Knowing how to play and work well together is enhanced in playtime in the learning environment.
  • Managing lunchboxes. Opening plastic wrapping, water bottles, knowing what is to be eaten when.
  • Scissor and pencil skills. Handwriting has been shown to aid long term memory.
  • Safe use of technology. How to access the internet and keeping passwords safe.
  • Enjoying literature and linking their understanding with the characters or themes within the stories.
  • Using maths in practical and fun ways. We love cooking and music and maths is very much part of these areas.
  • Developing fundamental movement skills which are the building blocks of many sports.
  • Enhancing their ability to communicate their needs with others, a willingness to take part in more complex or challenging activities.

What does it cost?

  • There will be a fee ($150/term) for 2020. These fees are payable a term in advance. There are Processing Fees and Holding Deposits which will form part of the application process into Pre-Kinder.
  • If your child starts part way through a term, then there will be a pro rata adjustment of the fee accordingly.

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