What is a community? It is a group of people joined together sharing a purpose with similar certain attitudes and interests in common.

Brightwaters is built on the basis of community- educational and relational.

The old saying “It takes a village to raise a child” resonates within each person in our community.

As staff we educate using the NESA curriculum as one of our primary documents.

As parents we seek to give our children the best education possible.

As students we want a place where we can learn about many things.

Together we have our children and education in common.

Simply teaching the basics to a child appears to be not a difficult task. But helping a child learn is more than opening a laptop, turning a page, remembering a few facts. It is creating a space where each child feels safe to make mistakes, to take risks, to have safe boundaries as they explore the possibilities of an unknown future.

Parents are often told of all the things they do wrong, the choices they make which aren’t right and given an overload of conflicting information. Our parents are encouraged to be the best they can be. They are given information to help them as parents. They are asked to be proactive members of their child’s education. They are valued as the primary caretakers and givers of knowledge to their child.

Our students are given a voice in choices and consequences. Each child is shown respect and asked to do likewise. They are given responsibility and expected to succeed. Our students are given agency for freedom in learning and behaving and are acknowledged as they shine.

Our staff see relationship building as one of the cornerstones with clear and constant communication, awareness of each individual and the ability to teach alongside each child. Our staff work in partnership and value the input and insights from families.

Our village is dynamic and amazingly supportive of each other. Our families have Facebook chat groups, after school “get- togethers” and play dates. They volunteer within the school, each family contributing as they can or simply being available for their child at the end of each day.

Our school community builds links whereby each child feels known, noticed and has an environment of nurture which reveals to each one of them how valued they are. The nurture allows each parent to ask: What new thing did you learn today?