School Readiness Program

Preparing your child for BIG school is a task that we as parents take very seriously. It is as our child enters BIG school that they leave a close knit, small group of friends and teachers who have known them for several years. They become part of a bigger community where they meet new people and find their confidence and courage to do new things.

Our School Readiness program is based on a series of repeat visits over two School Terms. As your child participates, their confidence grows and they become more settled in understanding how BIG school operates and the way they are known, noticed and nurtured.

You will become more confident in leaving your child with professional and caring staff who have years of experience with little ones starting school, as well as the older students who remember their first days and anticipate the nerves that may appear.

Our data has shown that our Pre-Kindergarten program enables our youngest students to start their BIG school life with no tears, excitement that lies ahead and a willingness to say “ I’ll be fine!” to their families.

There is no cost for the children who attend this unique program. The reward for the team at Brightwaters is being part of a child’s first memory of school, and making that memory the best one possible.

You are welcome to call us and book your child’s free, no obligation, School Readiness place. Come and see the difference we can make for you and your child.