Staff & Volunteers

Staff & Volunteers

At Brightwaters we have a professional and highly trained team of committed Christian teachers and staff who believe that each child has potential and a future which is bright.   Our team believe that each child works best when they are known personally as well as being noticed and recognised for their efforts and accomplishments. We strive to develop a nurturing environment where the pastoral wellbeing of every child is at the forefront of each activity or interaction. Each child has a journey of learning which our team know and understand are well qualified to resource and deliver.

Brightwaters Christian College Volunteer Handbook

A new Handbook for Volunteers has been issued and all Volunteers are required to read this document.

This handbook will provide some added information about your role at Brightwaters.  We value our wonderful volunteers and want to provide the best support we can as they support our students and their learning.

Please click on this text to view the document or right click to download to your device.

If you have any questions about your role at Brightwaters you are urged to contact Tania Anway

Tania Anway Principal K-2 Teacher

Katie Smith 3-6 Teacher

Lynette Elston Business Manager

Michelle Webb Executive Assistant

Janet Green


Michael Anway Chaplain and Learning Support


Vanessa Bradford Casual Teacher
Emily Lines Casual Teacher
Emma King Casual Teacher
Michelle Budden Casual Teacher
Susan West Casual Teacher
Christina Stubbs Casual Teacher
Kylie Knox Casual Teacher
Shauna Ryan Casual Teacher


Mr Pastor Tim Pastor at Morisset Baptist Church
Sarah Chapman Office Administration/Learning Support
Robin Miller Learning Support
Del Butler Library
Soraya Crews Library
George Hynde Bus Driver
Ted Coulter Bus Driver
David Schilder Bus Driver
Max Bywater Bus Driver
Justin Bamborough Bus Driver
Stephen Nicholls Bus Driver
Kerrie Farleigh Uniform Room
Betty Robinson Reading recovery
Garth Sturman Bus Driver
Tony Nott Bus Driver
Brandon Anway IT
Garry Townend Learning Support/Groundsman
Eddie Todd Webmaster